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Universal Health Care at the VA Medical and Hospital Systemic

As President of the Chicano Veterans Organization, we have, for many years, advocated that Universal Health Care, to be effective and efficient, must be accomplished by ‘opening’ the VA Medical and Hospital Systemic to our fellow citizens. Consequently, the end-result, is that we as a non-intellectually lazy society, step up and hold ourselves responsible and accountable for our individualized health care. And yes, I know that the continuing tax subsidy to Corporate America exists, and therefrom, permits the employer to hold hostage its employees. But being free from any employer, permits the employee to seek out and find even better gainful employment, and thusly, continuing his or her ascent up the economic ladder.Now, we can argue the ‘trivialiites’ of what would be included into the universal health coverage by way of various medical treatments, but the reality is more than just the important medical impact, but first, we must discuss the economic, political, and societal impact that would be visited on our family members, our friends and neighbors, as well as our fellow citizens. To date, my fellow Democrats have been quite timid in reaching out for the "newer" and "better". And this is the purpose of my diary and which is to enable my fellow Democrats to think of Chicano Ideas that are purcolating in the Chicano Community, albeit, unnoticed by the majority. And lest I forget, imagine if you will, seniors, military vets, the low-income coming together in crafting a much broader political agenda that moves our America further into the 21st century and makes our Elected and Appointed Officials responsive to our "demands."

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