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Republican Don Young Booted from Congressional Committee over Scandals


Alaska’s one congressman Don Young, who recently defeated challenger Ethan Berkowitz in a race with many questions about voting procedures, is being evicted from the House Committee on Natural Resources by his own party.

How rude!

McClatchy’s Erika Bolstad has the story:

Young has been Alaska’s sole representative to the House of Representatives since 1973 and is its second-most senior Republican. He squeaked through in the primary election and then went on to a decisive Nov. 4 victory over a Democratic challenger — despite persistent rumblings of an FBI investigation into fundraising and other potential wrongdoing.

Since 2007, Young has spent over $1.1 million in campaign funds on legal fees connected to the federal probe.

But soon after winning the election, it became clear that despite his win, Young’s days were numbered as the ranking member of the Natural Resources panel. Last month, Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, replaced Young as the small-state representative on the steering committee, a move that left the Alaska Republican without a voice while its 27 members worked out this week who gets what top committee assignments for the next Congress.

Too bad we couldn’t have piled on a little sooner, gotten one more sorry Republican butt out the door. Well, there’s always 2010.

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