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Holder AG Nomination is on Hold

eric-holder.thumbnail.jpgYou know many of Obama’s cabinet picks have been remarkably well received. They are receiving support from disparate quarters and have pleasantly surprised many who did not even vote for him. I say good on ya, Mr. President-Elect.

Maybe it is because so few of his nominations are controversial, that the really disappointing nomination of Eric Holder to be the Attorney General, brought in to clean up and revitalize a badly damaged DOJ, stands out like a sore thumb? I, and a few brave compatriots here on this blog have been a tiny–yet vocal–minority trying to push the President-Elect to consider a more inspirational AG nominee.

Well, President-Elect Obama may not have heard us, but Arlen Specter (on his own, or maybe he’s a closet firepup?) has put a hold on Holder’s nomination hearings. They were originally scheduled for early January, so Holder could be at his desk on Jan. 20th.

Specter is now saying he needs time to review voluminous records and the hearings cannot go forward any sooner that Jan. 26th. Specter’s primary gripe about Holder was doing an end run around USAO SDNY on the Rich pardon.

Specter, a former prosecutor himself, said he was troubled that Holder did not stand up to President Clinton on the pardon of Rich, who was a fugitive living abroad at the time of the pardon.

"To run counter to the views of the [law enforcement] professionals is a red flag," Specter said. "We’re looking at a very, very serious matter."

Stay tuned. This maybe a popcorn worthy event….

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