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Ignatieff to be Next Liberal Party Leader of Canada

Michael Ignatieff

Michael Ignatieff

The shockwaves from the Governor General’s decision to cave to Harper’s demand that he be allowed to dodge a no confidence vote by suspending parliament have toppled Dion from leadership of the Liberal Party, and made Micheal Ignatieff the presumptive next Liberal Leader. Ignatieff has stated that he will not push the coalition deal made by Dion. His position, is, essentially, that he will threaten to bring down the government to get concessions, however, absent backing from the BQ and NDP, this is an empty threat.

As with many things that Ignatieff has written over the last decade, he stands on every side of every question, being for the invasion of Iraq, and then against it as it soured. Contemptuously dismissing critics of the war one moment as the bombs fell only to muse about ideas from the luxury of the inner circle. Now he is content to let Harper govern, even as his Party secured an outright majority in the Quebec election by campaigning against the conservatives.

It seems likely that his plan is to wait, and let the crisis take its toll on Harper, and perhaps, that is all he can do, with a majority of Canadians polled wanting Harper to remain PM.

Dion’s poor communication did him in; Ignatieff, widely praised author, has no such problem. Dion’s words are a rusted compass, pointing directly, but not beautifully – where as Ignatieff is like his age: a pretty flag that waves in whatever wind is needed.

He is well known for his doctrine of "lesser evil," and now presents himself to Canada as precisely that.

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