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Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Taken Into Federal Custody

gov0916_285.thumbnail.jpgI week or so back I wondered if Dick Durbin’s support for former Illinois GOP Gov. Ryan’s pardon might not be laying some groundwork for a pardon of Blago down the road, after a close confident of Blago’s had allowed his conversations with the Governor to be recorded by the feds.

According to MSNBC, Blago has been taken into custody:

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich  has just been taken into federal custody at his home on the north side this morning of Chicago.  The US attorney’s office will not confirm the information and a spokesman for the governor did not immediately return a phone call.  We understand he has been taken into federal custody.  This really comes out of a three year corruption investigation looking into pay-to-play politics and apparently in recent days it has expanded even to his pick for US senator to replace President Elect Barack Obama to see if that process was tainted.

Unsurprising — the whole Valerie Jarrett incident, where Obama endorsed her for his Senate seat one day and then appointed her as a senior White House aide  almost immediately, was awfully suspicious.

Gee, and when I saw the footage of him at the window factory sit in last night, I thought maybe he had dodged the bullet. Guess not.

Update:  According to information from the US Attorney’s office, Blagojevich’s Chief of Staff, John Harris, has also been arrested on federal corruption charges. 

The criminal complaint here – PDF.

The press release here – PDF.

Timeline from Chicago Tribune.

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