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Audio: Rachel Maddow on Mike Signorile

I’ve been out for several hours so I’m just getting back to this and see the thread about my appearance and Rachel Maddow’s on The Mike Signorile Show is buzzing. As promised, I have the audio.

First, my interview with Mike, in a segment before he interviewed Rachel:

Rachel Maddow, part 1:

Rachel Maddow, part 2:

Rachel Maddow, part 3:

And I have to report an update to clear up the matter of whether I have been invited by Rachel to appear on her show in the past. The answer is no…and yes. I’ve never been contacted by Rachel in any form or fashion up until tonight, but I have been contacted by MSNBC in the past (both Rachel and a current producer emailed since today’s interview on Mike’s show with a record of the network contacting me).

I was contacted by an MSNBC producer twice last year to go on air. The first time I was called to go on to discuss Larry Craig on 8/28/2007, and couldn’t do it because of a day job conflict; I don’t recall being told who I would appear on air with. Since I couldn’t do it the call was brief. Rachel did not have a show at this point; she did guest-hosting on the network during the day. (10:30 – Rachel just emailed that this producer was from Air America. Same deal.)

The second time I got as far as doing a pre-interview with a producer on 9/17/2007 (this is commonly done to get a feel for what the scope will be),  I eventually had to cancel because the segment was slated during a time during the day when, again, there was a conflict that came up on the day job and I couldn’t go on the show. (This happens all the time, btw, it’s extremely frustrating — I think people believe I blog full-time, it’s not like I want to cancel; I just have an unpredictable schedule — I’m in IT, after all). In both cases, note I did respond — and couldn’t do it — not, as she suggested on-air, that I didn’t respond at all.

So, as you can see, the answer is yes and no, and I’m more than willing to split the difference on the matter and say “apologies.” As I said in my reply to Rachel addressing the Huckabee matter:

I am a huge admirer of your work, Rachel. I just happen to disagree with your editorial decision re: Huckabee. It’s not a call for you to do more LGBT reporting or analysis, it’s a matter of covering what I saw as a timely and relevant issue in the wake of an election (the adoption initiative, Prop 8, etc.), and Huckabee’s fresh slop of homophobia on the air while shilling his book. I can’t imagine getting him booked and not addressing the obvious. We have so few MSM figures doing any in-depth illumination of the very telegenic Huckabee’s anti-gay views as he travels the country with a book attempting to put a fresh spin on social conservatism.

It wouldn’t have required Faux News hysterics to ask him whether he agrees with voters in Arkansas that hard-to-adopt children in group homes and those in the revolving door of the foster care system are better off in group homes than with a qualified caring unmarried couple, or a same-sex couple.

Some have suggested in the other thread that Mike and I are envious of Rachel’s platform and that we’re trying to tear her down. That’s the last thing I want to do — why should anyone stop watching her program over this? That’s absurd.  That’s as silly as saying Rachel shouldn’t be criticized for what she does or doesn’t cover. I certainly don’t have a lack of criticism regarding what I write hitting my inbox each and every day, it comes with the territory. Developing a thick skin is part of the business, I imagine she has more than enough carping going on from all sorts of constituencies. If you listened to her interview, she says she is responsible for all of the editorial decisions, so at least she owns what she’s covers, even if I disagree on some of the choices and blog about it.

Besides, the last thing I want is to have a TV show or make any effort to become “famous” in that regard. I already have enough threats from crackpots, thank you. Besides, I’m not telegenic enough. The two times I was on CNN it was by remote and boy did that suck. Had to drive to this ice cold studio in Raleigh, get wired up with an earpiece full of static, and debate the Town Hall chick of the day while being egged on by Tony Harris — and you don’t see anyone while you’re doing this. All I can remember about the first appearance was that I was in a hell of a lot of pain (I had my gall bladder out about a week later), the second appearance was a bit better, but all in all, I’m much more comfortable on radio.


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