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Detroit Auto Bridge Loan May Be Close

2766997576_bee4e5040d.thumbnail.jpgSo says the White House:

Referring to Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill, White House press secretary Dana Perino said Monday: "If they want to work with us, we’ll meet them halfway."

"Halfway?"  Bush dug his heels in and said no way, no how was this money coming out of TARP, it had to come out of the Energy Fund for green cars.  So Pelosi did the el-foldo.

Perino said that if lawmakers want to hold a vote by Tuesday, they need to provide legislative language to the White House. She said the White House was looking for a better bipartisan effort "so we can get this done."

"Bipartisan" evidently still has the same definition for Bush that it does for me — "roll over and give the Republicans what they want." 

Not that they had any chance, mind you — after Paulson and Bernake refused to even show up and testify before Dodd’s committee, Reid said he didn’t have the votes and Bush said he wouldn’t sign any legislation that took the money out of TARP.  Why they didn’t face these realities and let Voinovich et. al. put this bill forward two weeks ago is anybody’s guess.

Fortunately, Barney Frank has already said they’re going to take the money back from the TARP next year and replace the green technology money they’re stealing repurposing.

I guess the only thing that remains to be seen is whether the lobbying efforts of private equity creeps Dan Quayle and Cerberus Holdings will be successful and they’ll force the taxpayers to let them unload Chrysler.

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