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The Parent(s) Kids Can Talk To.

  Do you remember growing up there were parent(s) that kids could talk to and relate with and then there were those that you could not?  My mom and dad thought they were but they just were not.  When it came to issues like smoking cigarette, drinking booze, smoking pot and the rest.  That was like talking to the Reagans,’Just say No’, end of story.  I promised myself that I would be the parent anyone could come to with any issue.

Continued after the Jump.  This was one of the big reasons I came out as Trans when my daughters were 9 and 13.  I had to be completely honest with myself.  With my daughters now 13 and 17, I see me being me has helped them with being completely honest with me.

 About 6 months ago, my oldest daughter had a friend that was having some problems and didn’t know who to talk to.  My daughter asked if I would, which I said sure.  Her friend, I will call Donna who is 16, went out on a date and got very drunk.  She felt bad and knew if she had gone home her parents would have flipped out.  Would want to know who supplied the booze, call the cops, etc.  Donna ended up not going home and staying at a friends house, missing school the next day.  Donna ended up telling her parents lie after lie after lie until the web got so tangled she got caught in the lie.

 The reason Donna wanted to talk to me, was she wanted help regaining her parents trust.  I took the time to listen to the complete story and took the time to meet with Donna’s parents.  I wasn’t totally suprised to hear,’We didn’t do things like that when we were kids.’  But to be insistant on sending a 16 year old daughter off to some form of rehab for the first time drinking and getting fall down drunk seemed a bit harsh to me.  Long story short, the talk I had with Donna’s parents went very well.  We used it as a learning experience for both Donna and her parents.

 Now for the main reason I am writing this. Janet is a 17 year old girl who will be 18 in April. She is the only child.  She is 6 weeks pregnant.  Her parents are very strict Catholics.  Janet has runaway from home many times before.  My oldest asked me to talk with her, which I did.  The boy (James)who got her pregnant is 16 and has no interest in being a father and has since split up with Janet.

 Janet, IMO, is very smart.  She doesn’t hold many of her parents beliefs.  Her views on Social Issues are quite liberal. LGBT equality and abortion she is for complete marriage rights and Pro-Choice.  But now it is her Choice.

 Janet knows she would not be able to support a child when she is 18.  She doesn’t want to tell her parents because she knows what will happen as she has lived through HELL according to Janet.  Seems reasonable, according to my daughter who has met them twice, they are really of the charts when it relates to being Socially Conservative.  I let my daughter drive my truck over to Janets house and they wigged out over my Obama bumper stickers.

 I am helping her tomorrow to find help and more professional counseling services than I can provide.  Part of me would like to attempt to talk to Janet’s parents, but I told Janet I wouldn’t, and from the time I have spent with her(8 hours) and from what other friends havve said about how her parents are, I don’t want to either.  I have done a bit of research and found I am not in violation of any state laws (Colorado).

 After talking, Janet still has mixed feelings on having an abortion. Although she knows she wouldn’t be able to provide for the baby and the father, being 16 and out of the relationship, isn’t in any position to offer much either. He wants her to have an abortion.  Janet’s main delima is;

 She would consider putting the baby up for adoption if there was a guarantee that the child would be adopted by a Gay or Lesbian couple, that way Janet would know that the child is not being raised in the same kind of family she was.

 Janet knows I am writing and posting this here with her approval.  She also saw that I can post a poll.  We will read comments later and tomorrow.  

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