So who do 'Publicans want for President? Christian Zealots, of course.

According to a CNN poll of 'Publicans:

  1. 34% The Reverend Michael Huckabee (Baptist)
  2. 32% Sarah Palin (Pentacostal)
  3. 28% Mitt Romney (Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints (Mormons)
  4. 27% Thrice-married Newton Gingrich (Baptist)
  5. 23% Rudolph Giuliani 
  6. 19% Bobby Jindal 
  7. 7% Charlie Crist

I mention the religious affiliation of the top four because they have shown a willingness to enshrine their religious beliefs as law, and Newton's marriages because of his fight for the sanctity of something he can't get right.


What is it with Republicans that they are so willing to get theocrats into office? Do they not see the consequences if the theocrat in power disagrees with a given person's theology?

And, for the rest of us, we can keep pointing out that the theocratic candidates want to impose their religions on the people of America. Maybe that will wake some people up.




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