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Day 2 of the National LGBT Blogger and Citizen Journalist Initiative

Tim McFeeley, Former HRC Director and NGLTF Policy Institute Director, gave a talk, “Reviewing Our History, Assessing Our Present and Planning our Future.” He covered a wide range of issues and historical milestones  from Stonewall through today, and discussed how to create new messaging for the next generation of social activists.

Some of the figures and topics in LGBT history that Tim discussed in an insightful presentation:

* Stonewall

* Harry Hay and The Mattchine Society.

* Daughters of Bilitis, The Ladder, and Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon

* J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson

* Frank Kameny, legendary activist and legend of messaging (see “Gay Is Good: How Frank Kameny changed the face of America“)

* Barbara Gittings and Kay Lahusen

* The use of ECT and lobotomies to “treat” homosexuality

* Early LGBT groups such as: Gay Liberation Front, Gay Community Network and Gay Activists’ Alliance, Gay Rights National Lobby, the latter was the first organization involved in affecting legislation. Human Rights Campaign Fund (the first iteration of HRC) was founded as a PAC.

* How equal rights for women were added to the 1964 Civil Rights Act at the last minute “poison pill” — but still passed. Public accommodations law did not cover women at the time either.

* Anita Bryant and the Save Our Children (1977)

* “No Promo Homo” policies

More below the fold.* Leadership Council on Civil Rights, and its initial rejection of LGBT groups in the 70s. Tim told an interesting bit of history about how AIDS and the ADA brought progressive interests around to full acceptance of LGBT rights as part of the civil rights fold. I’ll have video up shortly.

* Harvey Milk

* October 14, 1979 – National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights

* Jesse Helms and opposition to AIDS funding

* Gus Hawkins, the first black legislator from California (the seat currently held by Maxine Waters). He held the first hearing on a gay rights bill as Chairman of House Education and Labor Committee.

There was great coverage of the framing used by the right wing to demonize and restrict expanding LGBT rights and how the LGBT movement can counter that framing going forward with different political strategies. His proposed new narrative:


Joel Silberman, an ace authority on media training is here at the summit. He is a national leader in messaging and media presentation; he has trained hundreds of national and regional leaders in communications techniques. He gave an interesting analysis of body language and presence. (I’ve definitely benefited from his counsel when he reviewed my appearances on CNN.)

He showed Bill Clinton’s brilliant appearance opposite Chris Wallace as an example of great coaching for media. Clinton is incensed, but maintains complete control and direction of the interview.

Joel is holding one-on-one sessions with some of the bloggers today to receive his analysis and given constructive suggestions for improving their on-air presence.

Other pros here to work with us today:

Public relations with Cathy Renna and Leah McElrath-Renna

Renna Communications is a leading public relations firm serving a variety of national and local LGBT organizations. Cathy Renna spoke about techniques to promote your work in the larger media and blogosphere. She discussed about strategies to break your blog out to get noticed when there are a massive number of them out there.

She also shared the utility of creating a little media packet (digital or hard copy) with bio information and links to appearances or interviews or any original op-eds, letters or writing you’ve done for other media outlets.

One of the issues I raised was the potential problem of being contacted by the media to come on to discuss an issue and whether what one has to say may be at odds with, for instance, the local or state LGBT organization’s approach. When does it make sense to work with or independently from an advocacy org. Cathy said that she said it’s really the blogger’s judgment call, but that if you’re on the rolodex of the media outlet, it’s possible that 1) the advocacy org doesn’t want to go on the air, or 2) they want an independent voice.


Monetizing blogs counsel is on tap from Andy Wibbels, the author of Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging and winner of multiple “Best Marketing Blog” awards. He is an expert in blogging for profit and online marketing. Blogwild! has been praised by Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Week and The Wall Street Journal.


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