Why this post? The LGBT community has had a rough election year, what with our rights being blocked a la constitutions now in Florida, Arizona and California (as well as our adoption rights taken away in Arkansas). A little laughter is more than called for:

residents of the states where an antigay campaign had just been waged reported higher levels of stress, more negative emotions, and more symptoms of depression… levels of psychological distress had increased significantly among residents of states with a marriage amendment on the ballot…

So here's to those LGBT people in bigoted states!

Enough said, I believe His High Holiness would like to inaugurate the festivities:

“VGL BOYS: The Recession Video” Kinda…

“Chick Comedy: Metrosexual”

“Prop 8 The Musical!”

“Why We Choose to Be Gay”

“Lesbian Tap Dancing”

“America's Gayest Nintendo Champion”

“Lesbian Wedding”