britney-don-2-copy.thumbnail.jpgAppearing in today’s New York Times is an advertisement paid for by a "grassroots" organization, "No Mob Veto Dot Org" (or, "NAMBLA"). The burden of the ad is the claim, as preposterous as it is obnoxious, that the real victims of Prop 8 in California are not gays and lesbians, but those organizations who poured immense effort, cash, and resources into stripping away the fundamental civil rights of their fellow Americans.

We’re united in this: the violence and intimidation being directed against the LDS or "Mormon" church, and other religious organizations — and even individual believers — simply because they supported Proposition 8 is an outrage that must stop….

Therefore, despite our fundamental disagreements with each other, we announce today that we will stand shoulder to shoulder to defend any house of worship — Jewish, Christian, Hindu, whatever — from violence, regardless of the cause that violence seeks to serve. Furthermore, beginning today, we commit ourselves to exposing and publicly shaming anyone who resorts to the rhetoric of religious bigotry — against any faith, on any side of any issue, for any reason.

That is all my bum. Those utterly incapable of public shame should probably not run around threatening to inflict such shame on others. Motes and two-by-fours in eyes, and so forth (not that this crowd would get the reference). But of course pretending that there is such a thing as "anti-religious" bigotry in 21st century America is a pretty lucrative gig, as professional phony grievance-monger Bill Donohue — one of the ad’s signers — knows full well. Donohue makes a pretty fat living pretending that if you’re an upper-class white Catholic you’re worse off than being black in a 1970s Johannesburg slum.

The Human Rights Campaign has done the work of pointing out just why the ad is bullshit. As a snide, foulmouthed Internet blogger, however, it falls to me to point out that the "No Mob Veto" site is a hilariously empty pile of crap. Please, for instance, enjoy their blog. Even more entertainingly, enjoy their "Documentation" page, where one would assume they would put all the, you know, proof that there is some sort of organized anti-Mormon pogrom put together by the Gay Illuminati, a place where they would at long last unveil The Protocols of the Elders of Gay. This area of their site reads, in part, and I shit you not:

Under Construction.

Note to homophobic shitnozzles: do your fucking homework before taking out an ad in the NYT. Just a tip! (What the links that could be scrounged up for that page do show, however, is that these people’s real agenda is to demand tolerance for their intolerance, to fake like working to deny liberty to others is not morally disgusting because you’re hating in the service of God.)

This is a strategy that is transparent, feeble, and doomed. Homosexuals will eventually gain the right to marry because you cannot be an American and understand what that means and conclude otherwise. Freedom of religion is a crucial American value, but those who profess religious values and defend and agitate for deeply illiberal and thus un-American ends can expect to be treated with revulsion. The judgment of history will be harsh. The signers of this ad would perhaps be better advised to have taken out a page in the history texts of the future, though I doubt our descendants will be especially charitable to their "cause." As for now, fuck ’em, and let’s beat ’em. We are, after all, American patriots, and supporting gay marriage is required of us — Gay, Straight, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist, Hindu, White, Black, Asian, or, as the ad’s signers so eloquently put it, "whatever."

Oh, and they also have a place where you can "Tell Us Your Story": I really very much recommend that you do.



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