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Alberto Gonzales and Leura Canary named to Top Ten Prosecutors list for 2008

Crossposted at The Grievance Project.

Bad Prosecutors, published by the Bennett Law Firm, of Houston, Texas, has compiled its annual list – of the ten worst prosecutors – who will each receive a Certificate of Under Achievment [sic]. This year marks Mrs. Canary’s debut to the List, but Mr. Gonzales is now a deserving 2-time honoree. See the Certificates here.

In its press release, the Bennett Law Firm explained that the release of the list was delayed due to the election so the firm "would not be accused of being "political[,]" adding that "[w]e plan not to wait as long to release the Top 10 nominees coming in 2009. Therefore, continue to send in your nominations to" (My emphasis) (Thanks to SH for this link.)

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I am a licensed attorney who’s tired of reading about the unethical conduct and actions of attorneys, including Alberto Gonzales, Kyle Sampson, Monica Goodling, Hans von Spakosky, Ted Stevens, Lisa Murkowski and many others, who work in and for our government. News accounts of their actions in the US Attorney firings, the voter fraud matters, the Alaskan bribery and land deals and other matters present instance after instance of ethical lapses that range from violations of laws to conflicts of interest. To my knowledge, there is no organized effort to address these violations as grievable offenses. The Grievance Project is my effort to do exactly that.