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JUST FOR FUN: LIMERICK Time: thanks to the PETER

Here's a fun thread for the day from GAY:….and I so wanted to use his title but…. ummmm didn't.

"…..Whose bias was so long he could suck it!"

First, from the ‘mo foe’, Peter L.'s:

There once were some people called “gay”

Who were used to getting their way.

They lost on “queer marriage,”

Then set out to disparage

Churches, and make Mormons pay.

Then a few from the maestro:

Limericks on Prop 8 (from one who has been truly hurt by it)

There’s a group for whom rights are a quarrel

They’re obsessed with both anal and oral

Out of boredom or hurt

They treat gays like dirt

And then smugly call themselves ‘moral’

My wedding was planned for C-A

But now it’s not, because I’m gay

Must alter plans

Due to unrighteous bans

Hell yes, these ‘values voters’ will pay!

And finally, our favorite:

There once was a gay man from Nantucket

He can marry there and Peter LaBarbera can do absolutely nothing about it.

Fell free to use them.

…and here in comments from a very talented RRush:

Many closeted guys have married a she.

?For social approval it’s a major key.?

What a fate for a girl.

?The thought makes me hurl.

?Just accept being gay as a way to be.

There are some who say “you dare not be gay, son.”

“Become an ex-gay, and have life in the sun.”?

If you think that’s true,?

here’s a question for you.?

Would you want your daughter to marry one?

If you’re gay and sad you may be enticed?

to become an ex-gay through Jesus Christ.

?If you agree to pay,?

they will help you pray.?

But you’ll still be gay after the heist.

Americans for Truth is really for lies

?all about gays to please Christian allies.?

They bash twenty four seven.?

It’s a ticket to heaven.

?Who cares if a gay person hurts or cries?

Americans for Truth has an anti-gay shtick

?with Peter LaBarbera as its leading prick.

?Every hour every day

?he thinks all things gay.

?I wonder if he secretly lusts for a dick.

..and now it is your turn!

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