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FDL Water Cooler: Farewell, Potemkin Ranch!

watercooler.thumbnail.jpgSome online chit-chat engaged in by some FDL folk, this time concerning the future residence of George and Laura Bush:

Voice floating over from the other cubicle: President, first lady buying home in Dallas (AP via MSNBC). "Mrs. Bush’s press secretary Sally McDonough says the Bushes will continue to spend time at their ranch in Crawford, Texas."

Watertiger: I call bullshit. That ranch is going on the market on 1/21/09.

Howie Klein: Ranch? The former pig farm was owned by the family of the drummer of L.A.-based rockers Building A Better Spaceship. His grandpa (the owner) was the local KKK leader.

Watertiger: That. is. AWESOME!

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