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In Defense of the Presentable

As a foulmouthed Liberal Blogger (one of the foulmouthiest!), I know I’m supposed to be full-bore angry outraged that Obama nominated Hillary R. Clinton as Sec’y of State, as opposed to, I don’t know, Zombie Che Guevara. ROAR! FRANKENTHERS DEMAND OBAMA NOMINATE VAMPIRE GRAMSCI SECRETARY HEALTH HUMAN SERVICES! ROAR! (Frankenthers seizes perplexed Watertiger, carries her off to top of Castle Frankenthers, where she tells him, "taffeta, darling!")

Or something. Look, yes, there are reasons for progressives to have arid underpants about many of Obama’s appointments. And there are also reasons why progressives might want to be giving Obama a wait-n’-see. Do I know what the correct approach is? No!

What I do know is that the nation has been dragged absurdly far to the right over the past several years. Radically so. Hell, I’m not even sure we’ve been dragged to the right, as opposed to The Crazy. Is it really so trivial a matter that the next president of the United States of America will be at least… presentable? That the leader of the entire free world won’t be a… punchline?

This is a point so basic, so obvious, that perhaps it has gone unremarked. Over the past few years whenever progressives have gotten their noses bloodied in a defeat, we’ve reminded each other that this is a marathon, not a sprint. (To violently mix metaphors.) Well, why is that no longer true? We won one, and that’s supposed to be it?

We’re in deep holes, domestically and internationally. Cesspits, actually. Were any of us kidding ourselves that it would be anything less than the work of an entire generation, and probably more, to get all the way back to firm ground? All I’m saying is, if you think we’ve made it to shore, we haven’t. But neither are we as close to going under as we were.

We need to remember we’re playing a long game, one measured in more than one or two election cycles. And if we’re not, we’re just wanking.

Oh, and this sounds like the worst thing ever. What Kevin K. said.

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