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Stop Poverty Now Day, December 3, 2008

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"Stop Poverty Now" Day is a Facebook event
which will raise funds and awareness for the work that The Grameen Foundation does. For a $10 donation per pixel on this page at, you can chose one pixel or many, change your choice or choices from b&w to color, upload a photo and add a message.

The Grameen Foundation does incredible work. Christy hosted a book salon that featured the founder Muhammad Yunus, and his book Creating a World Without Poverty. Read it, get inspired and take action. I know I did. The action will be shared here at Oxdown.

From the Facebook event page;

The numbers of people in extreme poverty are at a staggering crisis level:

? One billion people live on less than $1 a day.
? One in five people live without adequate water or food.
? 26,000 children die each day from preventable causes.

The situation calls for *global* action to highlight poverty’s severity and urgency. Each of us can play a part to make a collective meaningful difference.

With $30, a poor woman can buy food to start a snack stand and being her family’s journey out of poverty.
With $50, a woman can buy thread and fabric to expand her embroidery business.

THE 1, 2, 3 YOU CAN DO ON 12/3:
1. Visit www.StopPovertyNow to post a personal message about why you want to poverty now and add $10 to the worldwide call to stop poverty now. See immediately how your $10 fills in the home page and makes a difference!
2. Use your Facebook profile to spread the word by posting a link, a note, or making your status
3. Tell your friends.

With your support, we can!

So click here, add your voice and support. Thank you.

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