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Erick Erickson Dances In End Zone After Late Field Goal By Saxby Chambliss Makes Final Score 48-3.

3076627941_d0605b708a_m.jpgPathetic, thy name is Red State.

Both Sarah Palin and Barack Obama campaigned in Georgia. Palin flew all over the state rallying Republicans. Obama flew under the radar heavily targeting black voters, demanding support for Martin, and running heavy radio advertising on urban stations.

Ladies and Gentlemen, black voters turned out for Obama, but not for Obama’s candidates. Remember that for 2010.

But folks, remember this too: Sarah Palin asked Republicans to turn out and they did. Of all the Republicans who campaigned for Chambliss, she was the only one that went all over the state for him. And it paid off.

And folks, remember this too: Erick Erickson is still an assclown.

Let’s imagine for a second that McCain-Palin had won the election with 365 electoral votes, and the Democrats had lost of bunch of seats in the House and Senate, after losing a boatload in 2006.

And let’s say that the Democratic brand was in such bad shape that Chuck Schumer was forced to mount a runoff campaign in dark blue New York.

And then let’s imagine that every national Democrat under the sun, including Obama, Clinton, Richardson, Kennedy, Kerry, Gore, Carter, Edwards, and the ghosts of FDR and JFK schlepped up to New York state to save Schumer. And just for the hell of it, let’s say Joe Biden shows up the day before the election and gives 4 speeches. Schumer then wins the runoff election.

So what would we conclude from all of this?

That Biden is more awesome than McCain and that the Republicans better watch out in 2010.

Memo to Erick — McCain-Palin won Georgia last month as any Republican ticket would. But if you really want to interpret Chambliss the old white guy Christian incumbent hanging on to his seat in a state that until 2003 flew the Confederate battle flag as a sign that Palin is the future of a resurgent GOP — knock yourself out.

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