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A quarter a day.

  Knowing that there will be more legal fight coming in the future to gain equal rights.  Most of last year I was employed, earned a decent paycheck and was able to donate money to No on 8 and Mark Udall’s campaign. I don’t consider any of that money wasted as the causes it went to I believe were just. Although I do think some of the money could have been used better by the organizations I gave to. (This is not to start finger pointing)  

 I have been putting a quarter or combination of 25 cents into a pickle jar each day. The sole purpose will be to donate the money to an equal rights organization.  I know many that could use the cash ASAP, but I just don’t have it to spare.  

 It has been tempting to place an IO ME in there as I know some days I have put more than 25 cents into it. But I feel I would be stealing from my and others futures.

 Just a thought I decided to share, as we all know there will be another big fight, and cash is a part of the ammo we will need.

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