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Murkowski to Palin: Get Your Eyes Off My Senate Seat, You Bitch

m001153-1.thumbnail.jpgNothing like a GOP cat fight:

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski has some Republican-to-Republican advice for Gov. Sarah Palin: If you want to make a run at the White House, keep your hands off my Senate seat.

Murkowski, up for reelection in 2010, is nervously awaiting word on whether John McCain’s former running mate will run against her in the GOP primary. But she says Palin is the one who should be nervous.

“I can guarantee it would be a very tough election,” Murkowski said in an interview.

sarah-palin-vice-president.thumbnail.jpgPalin is also up for reelection in 2010. She could run for a second term as governor, but the Senate holds some obvious attractions: a national platform, and with it the chance to beef up a thin résumé and rebuild damaged credibility on foreign policy and other issues.

But Murkowski says a run against her would be fraught with risk. If Palin lost, her stock would drop just ahead of a potential 2012 presidential run. And if she won, she’d be a backbencher in a chamber that is dominated by seniority — and would have to begin her presidential campaign as soon as she took office.

“If she wants to be president, I don’t think the way to the presidency is a short stop in the United States Senate,” Murkowski said.

Palin still holds an 80% approval rating among Alaska Republicans.  But Tina Fey was spot on when observed Palin was "not goin’ back to Alaska" — she hasn’t  been there since last August.  (As Liddy Dole learned, that can be problematic come election time.)

 In the mean time — meeeeoooow.

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