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2008 Election: Still Not Dead

CNN calls it for Chambliss.

41% Martin
59% Chambliss

(71% of precincts reporting)

Here it is, the day we (and Joe Lieberman) have all been waiting for: The Georgia Senate runoff between Democrat Jim Martin and Saxby Chambliss, one of most odious Republicans to walk the earth.  In case you need reminding, Chambliss is the prince of a fellow who beat war hero Max Cleland (you know, the guy who left three limbs in Vietnam) by calling him soft on terror and morphing his face with Osama bin Laden’s.

And more recently, Chambliss has admitted to not knowing what a recession is or if we’re in one (then lied about it), complained that he’s in a runoff because too many blacks and not enough of "our folks" voted, shoved a camera when a reporter asked him why he wouldn’t testify in the Imperial Sugar lawsuit, gaybaited his opponent, and accused him of being soft on pedophiles, despite the fact that Martin’s own child was once kidnapped

Saxby Chambliss is a thoroughly repulsive bottomfeeder of the first order, and a true student of the Rove/Atwater/Nixon school of sleazy campaigning.  I guess it goes without saying that I’m kinda rooting for Jim Martin, although it’s not looking too good at the moment…

(Megakudos to Blue Texan, whose excellent work I am totally ripping off here.)

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