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Park City, Utah Queers Plan Three (3) Service Projects and Events in December

I just posted a letter on my blog that you can copy-and-paste and email to friends and family in the Park City, Utah area:…

The letter provides information on three events this month in Park City designed to raise awareness and educate people about the civil rights enjoyed by straight citizens that gay people do not have.

These events are associated with — the group that mobilized over 100,000 people in 8 days to march for equality on November 15.

My personal focus when it comes to civil rights in Utah are the six measures proposed by Equality Utah, which the LDS Church indicated they did not oppose. These six legislative proposals are known collectively as the Common Ground Initiative.

For details on the three Park City events and how you can help, please see:

Facebook Group: Park City Supports Gay Civil Rights

Park City Food Drive for Equality
November 28 to December 20

Park City Day Without A Gay
Wednesday December 10

Park City Light Up The Night (LUTN)
5:00 p.m. Saturday December 20

Utah Join The Impact – Information for other cities in Utah, e.g., Salt Lake City, Logan, St. George, etc.

Thank you!


P.S. A couple of people have asked me, “Why Park City? Why not just combine forces in Salt Lake City?”

Here’s my answer: Because some LGBTQ folks are advocating a boycott of the Sundance Film Festival and Utah’s ski resorts. We want to show the gay community that Park City Supports Gay Civil Rights and that boycotting Sundance and our ski resorts is a bad idea.

Please help get the word out for this and other Join The Impact events!

All the Best,

Mark Worthen

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