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Outsourcing anxiety hits the NYT Op Ed page

Who’da thunk that that the New York Times Op Ed page, home of outsourcing cheerleader Tom "for the love of god, not the shopping malls" Friedman, would all of a sudden develop a sense of outrage about local jobs sent overseas by owners trying to hold on to an unsustainable business model by slashing costs?

Pretty much anybody who saw this coming

But then in October, Dean Singleton, The Associated Press’s chairman and the head of the MediaNews Group — which counts The Pasadena Star-News, The Denver Post and The Detroit News in its stable of 54 daily newspapers — told the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association that his company was looking into outsourcing almost every aspect of publishing, including possibly having one news desk for all of his papers, “maybe even offshore.”

Noting that most preproduction work for MediaNews’s papers in California is already outsourced to India, cutting costs by 65 percent, Singleton advised, “If you need to offshore it, offshore it,” and said after the speech, “In today’s world, whether your desk is down the hall or around the world, from a computer standpoint, it doesn’t matter.”

You may remember Mr. Singleton.

He’s the nice man who’s been using the Associated Press (and Senator McCain’s great and good friend Ron Fournier) to spike Democratic candidates who don’t support relaxing media ownership rules.

Presumably his new staff will be equally deft at balancing their role as guardians of our democracy with their concern for Mr. Singleton’s portfolio.

On the other hand, he did manage to get Maureen Dowd concerned about somebody’s job (although not about math, which, of course, is hard. It’s .075¢ for your thoughts, dear. You’re welcome).

h/t Molly, who’s pretty much your source for things Dowd.

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