Ideas for Change in America is a citizen-driven project that aims to identify and create momentum around the best ideas for how the Obama Administration and 111th Congress can turn the broad call for “change” across the country into specific policies….

The top 10 rated ideas will be presented to the Obama Administration on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009 as the “Top 10 Ideas for America.” We will then launch a national campaign behind each idea and mobilize the collective energy of the millions of members of, MySpace, and partner organizations to ensure that each winning idea gets the full consideration of the Obama Administration and Members of Congress….

The Ideas for Change in America FAQ

Sounds intriguing!  Partners include techPresident, the Sunlight Foundation, Netroots Nation, VotoLatino, GOOD Magazine, Change Congress, Campus Progress, and People for the America Way.The top three in each of 30ish categories as of December 31 advance to a second round of voting, from January 5-15, which leads to the final ten being selected.  The current top three in the  Gay Rights* category:

  1. Pass Marriage Equality Rights for LGBT couples nationwide, submitted by Jen Nadeau
  2. restore separation of church & state submitted by Sarah Nelson Wright
  3. Work with Congress to Pass the Matthew Shepard Act, submitted by Mike Jones

Of course these are far from the only important items on the LGBTAIQ agenda; have a look at the other ideas in the category, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, submit your own and start promoting it!

There are plenty of other great ideas in other categories as well — including Get FISA Right, repeal the PATRIOT Act, and restore our civil liberties.  Gee, I wonder who submitted that? 🙂  

There’s a lot of action in categories like Criminal Justice (which had four of the top 20 as of this morning) and Government Reform (which features submissions by big names like Craig Newmark of Craigslist and Jay Rosen).  On the other hand, some categories are still almost completely open — the top entry in Race, for example, only has 19 votes.

The organizers encourage people to engage in viral marketing, and there are handy widgets available.  It’s an interesting opportunity, so please consider getting involved!


* sorry about the name, LBAIQ’s.  Please don’t shoot the messenger — I just report the facts.



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