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Saxby Chambliss Gets Caught Lying About Recession Gaffe, Still Doesn’t Know What A Recession Is

Saxby Chambliss went on "Fox News Sunday" and tried to spin his mind-numbing comment from last July, when he said he infamously said, "We may not be in a recession. I don’t know what that term means." Chambliss has tried repeatedly to bury the turd by claiming he was just quoting Alan Greenspan.

But Wallace apparently did his homework and pounced (starts around 5:29).

BIG DADDY: That clip’s interesting that was uh, about, uh, 4 seconds out of a 40 minute speech I gave that morning, which incidentally, when I made that statement, I was quoting Alan Greenspan…

WALLACE: Senator, may I just bring you up on that, because that quote, when you said, "I don’t know if we’re in a recession. I don’t know what that means" you said that in July of this year and in fact in April of this year, several months before, Alan Greenspan had said we’re headed into a recession.

BIG DADDY: Yeah, well, ya know, there was a real question about what is the definition of a (stutters) recession, Chris, if you remember, it was supposed to be two consecutive months of negative GDP…

Getting caught lying on national teevee is pretty below average. Getting caught lying while confirming your ignorance — a masterpiece of epic fail.

(video via twolf)

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