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Meet our Families Day.

 This is just a thought.  We had our neighbors and a few friends here yesterday for Thanksgiving.  My youngest daughter who went with me to the Nov. 15th protest here in Denver got her computer to show pictures of us that we have found on the internet holdong our signs,

And of course this opened up the conversation of LGBT rights. I knew my neighbor was pro-LGBT rights, but was unsure of her parents.  They were not.  They brought up all the icky sex garbage and the bible junk that most people who don’t know a same-sex couple.

After a bit of discussion, mostly led by my mom and my daughter, their minds opened up.  They said they have never met a same-sex couple so they have no real idea what the big deal was.  I explained all the rights that same-sex couples don’t get.  They had no clue.  

After they had left, mom and I talked.  How do people meet same-sex couples?

We came up with Meet our Families Day.

Anyone have any input on this idea?  I just thought I would share the thought.


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