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Haters promise to “Rise above the Hate”

The poor, beleaguered, anti-gay bigot forces that waged campaigns across this country based on homophobia, fear, and intolerance have now had enough of the “hate” being directed at them and their anti-equality allies in the wake of the Nov 4th election.  In fact, they have decided to “take the high road” (insert snort of derision here) and “rise above the hate.”

Yeah.  Once you stop laughing or hitting your computer screen, you can read on…

The National Organization for Marriage (you know, the group headed up by Maggie Gallagher that’s sole purpose is to deny marriage equality to LGBT folk) has launched a petition drive to thank the Mormon Church for its help (to the tune of over $20 million) in passing Prop 8.

Ugh.The petition was created to:

stand together to say ‘Enough!’ to the campaign of hate and intimidation being waged against the LDS Church and other supporters of California’s Proposition 8.  

I’ll gloss over the fact that this is the same bunch of folks who sent out blackmail letters to people who gave money to “No on 8” threatening them to donate or else.  And it’s supported by the groups who call for boycotts constantly against any business that does anything remotely pro-equality or pro-LGBT.  And did I mention the threats to recall the Supreme Court in California from these guys if they don’t rule the way the fundies want?

Yeah.  The word hypocrisy comes to mind…

But they’ve had enough of the LGBT community standing up and saying that taking away rights is wrong.  Maggie Gallagher said:

The answer is to organize together in defense not only of marriage, and God’s truth about marriage, but in defense of basic, American decency about how we treat each other when we disagree.

Basic decency???  Really, Maggie?  The fact that you get a paycheck to go and spout unfounded, horrific lies about gay people and our children and families seems to go beyond “basic, American decency.”  

But the biggest bit of irony (or just plain chutzpah) comes from the petition itself:

It is deeply unfair, and contrary to the best American traditions, that any faith community, much less a minority one, should be singled out and attacked in this way by powerful, well-funded political forces determined to “make them pay” for participating in the normal political processes of democracy.

Wow.  It is really awful when a minority is singled out and attacked by powerful, well-funded political forces determined to “make them pay.”  Just ask the LGBT community.  Wait, that’s probably not what you meant, huh?  Funny how that works…

Check out the petition and the names of the supporters on (why can’t I type that without rolling my eyes…).  The list includes Dr. James Dobson and Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family, Chuck Colson, Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, Bishop Harry Jackson, and John Stemberger of Florida’s Yes2Marriage Campaign- you know, the folks who have more than a passing familiarity with hate.

Yeah, it seems like it might be hard for the rightwing fundies to “rise above the hate” when their entire existence is built on hate and bigotry.

(Special hat tip to our friends over at Good As You)

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