I should say something about Dave Weigel now that my friend has redesigned his blog. Actually, first the redesign: I hate it so much that I love it. It combines the miserable non-intuitiveness of a Tumblr with the tendency for unforced design errors of a tech-ignorant magazine’s adjunct website. The logo can’t be beat. Somehow there must be a way to convince people that this is Readers Digest’s blog. You really can’t beat an RSS invitation to "Subscribe to Things."

Now a word about Weigel. Yes, fine, sure, Nate Silver and Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin and arguably Marc Ambinder were the breakout blogstars of 2008. But nobody-but-nobody delivered better and more incisive dispatches from the GOP coalition’s destruction, nor did they do so with a combination of thorough reporting and what-the-fuck-is-the-matter-with-you-iveness. Weigel is a rare talent. He deserves a massive audience. And brain from your dame in the turning lane.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman