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Just Like He Did To Cleland: Saxby Chambliss Swiftboating Jim Martin With Disgusting New Ads

It’s hard to believe, but Saxby Chambliss’ campaign in the Georgia runoff, which has already been characterized by race baiting, fear mongering and gay bashing has hit a new low.

Over the last few days, both the National Republican Senatorial Committee and a far-right group called Freedom’s Watch have both launched ads attacking Democrat Jim Martin for being "soft on crime." More specifically, the conservatives insist that Martin has opposed measures that would crack down on criminals who prey on children.

Of all the issues Republicans could have picked, this has to be the most offensive — Martin’s daughter was kidnapped when she was just eight years old.

The ads in question are here and here. Sick.

Meanwhile, Chambliss is still stonewalling the Imperial Sugar wrongful death lawsuit even though conservatives are calling for him to testify. Guess he’s too busy playing golf with "his folks."

Let’s kick this bum out. Support Jim Martin.

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