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Christian Post: "Getting the Whole Story Out on Christians and Homosexuality"

The whole story? Pffft.

From the Christian Post article Getting the Whole Story Out on Christians and Homosexuality:

For many Americans, all they’ve heard is that Christians are “anti-gay.” The recent passage of amendments in California, Florida and Arizona defining marriage between a man and a woman and the large support those measures drew from churches haven’t changed that perception, and perhaps made it worse.

But few, if any, especially in the media, have given the public the “whole story” about churches and their persistent efforts to protect what they believe is God’s definition of marriage.

So, the Post gets the “whole story” out on homosexuality from Focus On The Family‘s ex-lesbian Melissa Fryrear.

“I’m not anti-gay because I’m a Christian and I’m a heterosexual evangelical Christian,” said Fryrear, who became a Christian and came out of homosexuality over 15 years ago. “I’m pro-biblical sexual ethic. I’m pro-God’s created intent for sexuality” – that being marriage between a man and a woman.

“That’s what I’m for, so anything that falls outside of that falls out of God’s intent,” she highlighted.

“It’s not what I’m against, it’s what I’m for,” she added, noting the nuance.

Yeah. That’s why the folks ran deceptive advertising, such as distorting Presidential Candidate Obama’s position on Prop 8 and deceiving voters about how Prop 8 would effect what children are taught in schools.

That’s why too they voted for removing the fundamental civil rights of same-gender couples in California — it’s God’s will that government impose religious definitions of marriage on the entire state populace…er…ah…right?

I would say this is an attempt by Melissa Fryrear to put lipstick on a pig — the whole story was an ugly vote on by the public on the fundamental civil rights of a state-recognized minority population. Fryrear can’t nuance this vote into a pleasant, positive vote.

In the minds of most Yes on Prop 8 voters, I would bet this wasn’t a “pro-marriage” vote at all. It was instead about Yes On Prop 8 voters believing the deceptive and negative advertizing of the folks; it was about using the democratic process to impose their beliefs about what God’s will is about marriage on an entire state’s populace.  

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen