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Let me put on my bitch shoes…

In my long and varied professional career (I do have a day job) I spent many years in the catalog business involved in every facet from product selection, design (in terms of catalog layout as well as actual apparel design), copy writing, to pinning and clipping clothing on the backside so the camera-side looked correct.  During those years I spent more time than I want to remember  on photo shoots working with models, photographers, make-up people, dressers, caterers, and all the other assorted riff-raff who spend hours setting up shots that are over in ten minutes or so.

Following each shoot we would spend days poring over contact sheets or light tables trying to find the one perfect shot (or closest to it) out of sometimes hundreds of each product.  I still have the loupe (and now poor eyesight) to prove it. While Photoshop is our friend, you can’t always save an otherwise great shot when one of the models eyes appears droopy or they pose with one hand inadvertently giving the finger.

We didn’t catch that one until too late.

Having said all of that, I am appalled by the Pretty In Mink glamour shots. 

Honestly, I’m not offended by the use of fur so much as the sheer crapitude of the make-up artistry and photography. Don’t even get me started on the poses. I realize you have to photograph the conservative women you have, not the conservative women you wish you had, but Sweet f/Stop Jesus, these are just awful. They could have improved the quality and saved some money by having the make-up done  for free at a MAC store and then wandered down the mall to a Glamour Shots. Worst of all is realizing that these were the best of the best.

To be fair there are a few good shots as evidenced by the fact that Ann Coulter came in third in our Guess the Transvestite! poll. A glass half-full moment if there ever was one…

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