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ABC News Promotes Fur and Loathing in Wingnuttia


The stock market slouches in the corner, sulking like a petulant tween who’s just been denied Jonas Brothers concert tickets. Older workers and senior citizens listen helplessly to the death rattles of their retirement savings while Bush goofs off in a Peruvian poncho down in Lima. Unemployment is skyrocketing; foreclosures are at record highs. Not even inaugurated yet, Barack Obama is already trying to wrestle the economy back into shape.  So what does ABC News do to make us feel better?

Features a slideshow of a 2009 calendar featuring "beautiful" conservative women in ludicrously expensive fur coats, courtesy of the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute. Way to go, ABC and CBLPI!  We’re on the verge of another Great Depression, and you glamorize the highly-paid cheerleaders who got us into this mess (and piss off the anti-fur lobbies as a bonus). Insensitive much?

What’s the matter, guys – are you saving the "Caged Meat: CEO’s Behind Bars" calendar for next month?  

P.S. One more indignity: Why wasn’t K-Lo included in the line-up?

[Ironically, a story on winter coat drives appears on ABC’s "Good Morning America" page.]

[nightmare-inducing image of BillO courtesy twolf

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