So, following the passage of prop 8 and others, there was a flurry of posts regarding the successes and failures of our side, ways to improve the framing of equal rights for all people, how to reach out to the fence sitters, and many other topics.

This is a favorite of mine in part because I don't mind correcting people who should know better, but also, it's one of very few ways I can contribute to the cause given that I have little money, live in one of the redder states north of the of Mason-Dixon, and I'm not a particularly charismatic person. What I have is a lot of time, cockroach like tenacity, and a desire to do something.

With all of that in mind, I remembered someone suggesting (please let me know who as I want to give credit where it's due) that a list be compiled of brief answers to common canards and question. The lies and misinformation regarding our community are many. I'm sure we've all encountered our fair share (and rebutted them twice as many times).

Thus, I want to add my own small items to what will hopefully become a standard reference as one is needed. Feel free to add your own to this, of course or improve on something else if you feel it's needed (tightening up an answer, adding a silent point, etc).

Claim: Gays are being given special rights.
: Any right that applies to GLBT people also applies to heterosexuals

Claim: The courts are creating rights.
Answer: The courts are recognizing rights we already had.

Claim: Homosexuality is a choice.
Answer: It doesn't matter if it is. Religious belief is most certainly mutable, but it is a protected class.

Claim: Gays have the same right to marry a member of the opposite sex as anyone else. They already have equal rights.
Answer: And if same-sex marriage is legalized, straights will have the ability to wed a member of the same sex.

Claim: We're just protecting traditional marriage.
Answer: Great! So are we.

Claim: Gay marriage will lead to pedophilia/bestialit/polygamy/perversion of choice.
Answer: In every place where same-sex marriage has been legalized, that has not happened.

Claim: I think gays deserve equal rights, but I don't want to call it marriage. How about civil unions?
Answer: If civil unions are so great, why is it that we don't see straight people lining up to get them?

For our allies.

Claim: It doesn't matter who you sleep with.
Answer: Being gay is about identity not just sexuality.

That's all I have for now. What about you all?