Touchdown Jesus Fail


Bring the suck:

Cameron Dantley, son of one of Notre Dame’s basketball greats, threw an 11-yard touchdown pass to Donte Davis with 42 seconds left to lead Syracuse to a 24-23 victory Saturday against the stunned and disheartened Irish.

Fifth-year Irish senior linebacker Maurice Crum Jr., who spent a year playing under Tyrone Willingham, said it was the worst loss of his career.

"Every loss hurts, but there’s something added to it, being the total situation," Crum said.


For the Irish, losing to a 19½-point underdog ranks among the worst losses in school history and leaves Weis with a 28-20 record in four seasons. Weis’s 58.3 winning percentage is the same that Bob Davie was fired with after five seasons and Willingham after three. Weis has seven years left after this season on a 10-year contract.

Can we finally quit pretending like Notre Dame is anything meaningful in college football?

Fact: Notre Dame, still perceived as a national attraction after so many mediocre seasons, is bowl-eligible with a 6-4 record going into tomorrow’s game against a hapless Syracuse team that just announced the firing of coach Greg Robinson. Let’s be generous and say the Irish will be 7-4 going into their regular-season finale against Southern Cal Nov. 29.

Fact: Of the teams Notre Dame has defeated, only Navy (6-4) has a winning record.

Fact: The combined record of the six teams Notre Dame has beaten is 18-46.

Fact: In the Charlie Weis era, the Irish are 12-17 against teams with winning records.

Fact: Notre Dame has not won a bowl game since 1994, going 0-9.

 Have fun at the Danon Activia (The Yogurt That Makes You Poop!©) Bowl boys.

By the way, congratulations to Boise State 11-0. Previously: Best. Bowl. Game. Ever.

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