Despite the following story being out for most of the day, there has been no to little discussion of this around here.

“President-elect Barack Obama is expected to delay until 2010 a decision to seek an end to the ban on open gays in the military, transition team advisers say.”…

Is there a bit of reluctance to criticize an incoming “ally?” A case of thou shalt not criticize a Democrat? If this had been a Republican, we would have been indignant. In fact, if this had been a Republican decision, many of you would have immediately jumped on Log Cabin for not repudiating discrimination. Where is the outrage?

For the record, I think Obama is playing smart politics with this. Politically, he knows that we have nowhere to turn. He also needs to conserve his political capital for the bigger problems facing the nation. That said, the LGBT activists within the Democratic Party seem all too ready to be a bunch of enablers.





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