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Unhinged Saxby Chambliss Grabs Camera When Reporter Asks Him About Imperial Sugar Case

Saxby’s losing it.

A reporter for the Florida Times-Union asked him about his refusal to honor a subpoena in the Imperial Sugar wrongful death lawsuit. Chambliss can be heard saying, "You can take it away now" as he pushes the camera away.

Very dignified behavior from a sitting US Senator, isn’t it?

Chambliss, getting increasingly desperate to hold on to his Senate seat, has also resorted to gay-bashing fliers.

While Chambliss himself hasn’t attacked Martin directly on gay issues, the National Republican Senatorial Committee mailed a flier claiming Martin should “take his show on the road” on “Left Wing Air.”

“San Francisco would hold a parade in his honor,” the flier claims, next to a cartoon rainbow, noting that among other issues, Martin “opposes banning gay marriage.”

 Support the Martin campaign.

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