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NRA To Nutters: Obama Will Take Your Guns Away If Saxby Chambliss Loses Runoff

25146771_fcf128f9b9_m.jpgLast week I wrote:

Obama hasn’t even been sworn in and already we’re seeing the return of black helicopter-type delusions from the crowd that spent the 1990s obsessing about how ClintonGore’s thuggish gubmint storm troopers were going to take away their guns.

Yesterday in Georgia:

Charles Bogle said he fears a Democratic congress and president will work together to raise taxes on guns and ammunition. He said he thinks they will also place additional restrictions on gun ownership and tighten registration requirements.

“They will take them away from us,” Bogle said. “These people scare me to death.”

The paranoid gun crazies are officially back!

Just listen to their leaders:

[Wayne] LaPierre [EVP of the NRA], speaking to reporters at Chambliss’s Cobb County headquarters, said he thinks President-elect Barack Obama will “break his promise” to protect gun rights.

LaPierre was in town a few hours before former President Bill Clinton arrives in Atlanta to campaign for Martin.

“That’s the same Bill Clinton who for eight years tried to destroy our rights,” NRA executive director Chris Cox said.

So true. Lucky the NRA was there to thwart all those times Clinton tried in vain to amend the Constitution by executive fiat and ban guns.

Support the Martin campaign.

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