There is no Joy in Malkinville


Even though she sends her own kids outside of the home for their education (because mommy is too busy with the hating and sneering and snorting and other-family stalking) Michelle Malkin has a special place in her shriveled raisin of a heart for the homeschoolers. Gawdblessem’ with their Play-Doh dioramas of 6000 year-old Earth.

So when Joy Behar says something about the homeschoolers, or expresses an opinion about anything for that matter, Michelle is there ready to rage rage rage against a show that she is obviously watching every afternoon while her kids are at pre-school learning about rainbow parties and cutting from communists. 

Todays example:

Joy Behar of “The View” has the IQ of a rotten tomato, the manners of an ass, the mouth of a street thug, and the chutzpah to declare that “a lot” of homeschooled children are “demented.”

I guess we should give thanks that she sits around a table kvetching with other liberal women for a living instead of doing what she did before Hollywood embraced her. That’s right: She was a…public school teacher.

Hah! Snap! Zing!

Then Michelle’s commenter join in on th fun and, well, they’re not very helpful:

Wow. I have a better word than bigot, Michelle, and it rhymes with witch. Joy obviously doesn’t have the first clue about home schooling, home schooled kids, and home schooling parents! She and other like her are one of the primary reasons I and my husband are home schooling our two kids.


Joy Behar should be fired over this comment…she has insulted every parent and child in America that are involved in homeschooling. I just want to know why she feels the need to say such hateful things? Hey Joy, you no longer need to make Christians and conservatives look stupid…your mindless liberal views are front and center now. I’ll bet the token conservative (Elizabeth) didn’t say one word to that loud mouth bag.


Elizabeth should have pulled out her nightstick and bonk bonked Behar’s head!


If it’s any consolation, most of these people will end up working at Family Christian Stores so you may never actually have to meet one.

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