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Did Time Magazine “Borrow” Its Obama/FDR Cover Idea From Firedoglake?

To paraphrase another blog’s tagline, reading Firedoglake is like getting Time magazine two months early… literally.

I had a deja vu experience yesterday when I came face to face with this week’s cover of Time magazine, which superimposes Barack Obama’s face on a famous photo of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  You see, I had done a crude Photoshop of the exact same concept — using the same FDR image — back in September to illustrate a post by Ian Welsh.

I don’t mind that Time used its professional staff and greater lead time to improve on my version, scaling up the size of Obama’s head and tilting it back to compensate for the difference between FDR’s bull neck and Barack’s scrawnier one (my take made Obama look like a teenager wearing his dad’s suit).

But I am kind of curious whether the idea was purely coincidental…

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