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Why Is Saxby Chambliss Refusing To Testify In Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for this.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss is fighting an attorney’s subpoena seeking to question him in a lawsuit by victims of the deadly explosion at a Georgia sugar refinery, prompting fresh attacks by Democrats hoping to oust the Republican senator in a heated runoff.

Savannah attorney Mark Tate —- who calls himself a “partisan Democrat” —- has subpoenaed Chambliss to submit to questions Thursday about whether Imperial Sugar executives enlisted him to help the company avoid blame in the Feb. 7 explosion that killed 14 workers and injured dozens more.

Turns out, there is. Chambliss is just covering for his corporate daddys.

"Our clients have said to reporters that they have felt like he was trying to influence them and dissuade them from filing lawsuits. That’s the kind of activity a U.S. Senator does not enjoy privilege to conduct," explains Tate.

Imperial Sugar has lavished all kinds of money on Saxby — and he’s gotten $21K this election cycle from the sugar industry. He’s just another Republican toadie for Big Business. 14 people are dead and he won’t talk about it on the record. Perfect.

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