Prince, the artist formerly known as a symbol, made a little controversy for himself in his interview with the New Yorker‘s Claire Hoffman. The singer became a Jehovah’s Witness, occasionally goes door to door to proselytize, and well, Jehovah Witnesses aren’t exactly the most tolerant of homosexuality–in fact, they are pretty darn uptight about gays.

According to Hoffman’s article, Prince expressed his views on faith and politics, declaring that neither political party knows the score. Prince allegedly pointed at his Bible and proclaimed:

So here’s how it is: you’ve got the Republicans, and basically they want to live according to this. But there’s the problem of interpretation, and you’ve got some churches, some people, basically doing things and saying it comes from here, but it doesn’t. And then on the opposite end of the spectrum you’ve got blue, you’ve got the Democrats, and they’re, like, ‘You can do whatever you want.’ Gay marriage, whatever. But neither of them is right.

Asked about his perspective on social issues—gay marriage, abortion—Prince tapped his Bible and said:

God came to earth and saw people sticking it wherever and doing it with whatever, and he just cleared it all out. He was, like, ‘Enough.’

But then once the article came out,  Prince’s camp–via Perez Hilton–rushed to explain that the Purple One had been misquoted, that Hoffman hadn’t used a tape recorder, was inaccurate in her fact checking, and really, Prince never said those things about God getting rid of the people who are “sticking it wherever and doing it with whatever.”

Prince’s people told Perez:

We’re very angry he was misquoted

Per Perez’s source:

Prince gestured to the Bible and said he follows what it teaches, referring mainly to the parts about loving everyone and refraining from judgment.

At least Prince came out with a denial  an explanation faster than Elton John, who has yet to comment about his remarks on  UK civil unions being used by California’s Yes on 8 anti-gay rights activists.

Claire Hoffman, we want to hear your side! And we need to know:  Did Prince share his canned carrot soup with you?

Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

Los Angeles native, attended UC Berkeley and Loyola Marymount University before punk rock and logophilia overtook her life. Worked as nightclub columnist, pop culture journalist and was a Hollywood housewife before writing for and editing Sacred History Magazine. Then she discovered the thrill of politics. She also appears frequently on the Dave Fanning Show, one of Ireland's most popular radio broadcasts.