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Over the past three days I’ve heard both consternation and joy at the idea of Hillary Clinton becoming Secretary of State. For me it comes down to a fundamental question:

On foreign policy issues do I trust Barack Obama?

The answer is a resounding yes, and there for I have no problem with the idea of Hillary as Secretary of State.

Yes, Hillary was wrong about Iraq from the beginning and her refusal to apologize for her position it probably one of the reasons she lost her primary campaign. At the same time, Hillary is incredibly smart and capable. Many of the foreign policy minds around her are some of the best.

In addition the Secretary of State, as powerful as the position is only has so much leeway. Its power around the world is only based on the fact that the SOS is presumed to speak for the President. Regardless of who sits in Foggy Bottom, the buck stops at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Combined with those Obama already has advising him: Joe Biden, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice and you have an incredible team.

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