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Will You Be There?

Oh yeah, it was an incredible day.

Really it was.  We had politicians and labor leaders speaking out in Phoenix. It was just incredible.

Don't stop there, though.  Please.

Around this next weekend, at locations all over the United States and the world, there will be solemn little gatherings to remember those who have been killed for being who they are.

In the last year, there have 29 so far. These are the ones that have been reported, that we know of.

Will you be there?

I ask because at every gathering this weekend, this massive day of incredible outpouring, there were transfolks. We are there right beside you.  We spoke before all of you here in Phoenix.

We marched beside you. We stand out with you.

And each year, for ten years now, we have stood to Remember.

November 20th is the Day Of Remembrance.



Time to remember the  Impact has a price that has been, and still is, being paid for in blood.

clic the pic, go see when your local event is.


Because I was asked how many of the 4000 people that showed up yesterday as I write this would be at the Phoenix Capitol on November 23rd.

And I couldn't think of one.

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