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McCain’s Conservative adviser ; “We are not center right but a center left country”

Some Republicans can actually learn from their mistakes and one McCain adviser actually does some schooling for his "Conservative" haunts

The Center-Right Nation Exits Stage Left
By Tod Lindberg

Tell that to Christopher Shays. After 2006, he was the sole surviving GOP House member from all of New England, but he went down this year, 51 to 48 percent. We are now two elections into something big. This month’s drubbing is just the latest sign that the country’s political center of gravity is shifting from center-right to center-left. Republicans who fail to grasp this could be lost in the wilderness for years.

close but not quite;

if you are talking about the republican definition of what is "left" then this country has always been "left", this country was founded by liberals, the declaration of Independence is a liberal document, the bill of rights is a liberal document, the constitution of the united states is a liberal document.

We were founded by liberals, we have always been liberal, though for a while the right wing propaganda machine had the ability to convince people they were not liberals, we have always been liberal;

Here’s the stark reality: It is now harder for the Republican presidential candidate to get to 50.1 percent than for the Democrat. My Hoover Institution colleague David Brady and Douglas Rivers of the research firm YouGovPolimetrix have been analyzing data from online interviews with 12,000 people in both 2004 and 2008. It shows an overall shift to the Democrats of six percentage points. As they write in the forthcoming edition of Policy Review, "The decline of Republican strength occurs by having strong Republicans become weak Republicans, weak Republicans becoming independents, and independents leaning more Democratic or even becoming Democrats." This is a portrait of an electorate moving from center-right to center-left.

Again, close, still no cigar

what it is a portrait if is the electorate getting accurate information through alternative sources.

For a while the only information source was the corporate owned media, now that there are accurate sources that are not corporate driven with corporate agenda, people have begun to realize they have been voting against themselves and their children

Nobody wants to consciously vote against themselves, their wifes or children, when they find out what they’ve been doing they always return to the principles that founded this country.

He gets a host of things wrong, yet there is hope, he gets some things right;

And so far, center-left government is largely an abstraction for the country. People like the sound of it, especially against the backdrop of a financial crisis and recession. In these center-left times, voters are receptive — or rather, it is their receptiveness that makes these times center-left. But whether they will like the new Obama tilt in practice remains to be seen.

So Republicans should not despair. They will have plenty of time to work up a critique of Obama’s policies as they unfold. But Republicans should not count on Democratic failure — and they certainly should not regard it as inevitable because of a conservatism they impute to an electorate that has, shall we say, moved on.

I give "A" for at least trying so hard.

The electorate hasn’t "moved on" from conservatism so much as conservatism exposing itself for the depravity it represents

Tod Lindberg is a fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution and the editor of Policy Review. He was an informal foreign policy adviser to the McCain campaign.

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