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Kathy Griffin Spokesperson for A Day Without Gays

Comedian Kathy Griffin who made the phrase "my gays" a household term, has new spokesperson gig. Currently she’s a spokesperson for the Foundation for AIDS Research, AIDS Project Los Angeles Aid for AIDS, and she’s appeared in a No on 8 video.

Now Griffin has accepted the role as the face for December 5th’s No Gays for a Day, proposed in print by admittedly straight writer Joel Stein at the LA Times.

It’s  an idea that has been floating around bath and coffee houses for a while now, and thank heavens someone is moving it forward! I referred to it as the lavender flu last weekend, and Day Without a Gay has been bandied about by a groups of people even before the election–just check on Facebook. (Side note: The "No" in "No Gays for a Day" sounds sort of bossy and anti-gay, while "Day Without a Gay" is sort of sad, which frankly is how many gays and their friends feel now that their right to marry has been eliminated).

Stein brought up the idea to Amy Balliett at Join the Impact and it looks like a gay-out might be moving ahead. In fact, imagine if  teh gheys and all their supporters just didn’t show up. Except maybe we should make an exception for the boites of WeHo, Hillcrest, the Castro, etc because what a holiday that would be in the gayborhoods when the non-workers flood the social spots looking for refreshments after a day of marches!

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Lisa Derrick

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