Various figures reported. The Register says 150 in attendance; KCCI TV says about 100. After a nap, I’ve been having fun relying to some of the comments at the paper’s website–usual religious bigotry and homophobia present, but not in overwhelming proportions. Thanks to a Catholic education, I can quote Scripture to defend the cause. Also threw in the old chant:  “We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it.”

At City Hall, I held a sign for one woman named Robbie Adelman who brought two and was also trying to juggle a camera. (She appears in the Register’s gallery of the event.) The one she gave me said, “Make History Again: Let Gays Marry.” I think it’s in One Iowa’s office now.

A good variety of speakers, including a local Unitarian pastor, the head of Iowa’s ACLU chapter, nearly everybody from One Iowa, an openly gay state senator, Iowa’s only married same-sex couple, and Ed Fallon! I was really pleased to see him there, and he was quite rousing in the teeth of the gale (I’m on Fallon’s email list, and he solicited ideas, so I replied with the info about today’s events–he should be careful what he wishes for. He may get it.)

Added poll results below, though I realize the respondents are self-selecting. The numbers are heartening.From a KCCI website poll, as of about midnight Sunday:

Should same-sex couples be allowed to marry?

Choice Votes Percentage of 40628 Votes

Yes. 18563 46%

They should be allowed to have civil unions.    

       3572 9%

No, they should not have formal partnerships.  

      18493 46%