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h8er Won’t Get My “MILK” Money

Harvey Milk by bobster1985

Harvey Milk by bobster1985

Cinemark CEO Alan Stock, a Utah Mormon, donated $9,999 to the YES on Prop 8 campaign that stripped marriage equality from the California constitution.  Cinemark operates the Century, CineArts, and Tinseltown theatres throughout America.  Many of these theatres will screen Gus Van Sant’s biopic "MILK" about our legendary San Francisco supervisor, a martyr of the gay rights movement, Harvey Milk.

You can tell Mr Alan Stock you won’t see "MILK" at one of his theatres:
Alan Stock
Chief Executive Officer
3900 Dallas Parkway
Suite 500
Plano, TX 75093-7869

(972) 665-1000 

You can join the Facebook No-"MILK"-for-Cinemark boycott right here. As I write this in mid-afternoon, there are more than 800 members; they are hoping for 1,000. That would deny Cinemark $10,000 at $10 per ticket. I bet we can get the Facebook membership way over 1,000 — please invite all your Facebook friends to join.  

Cities everywhere are noticing the Cinemark boycott: Orlando; Chicago; Albuquerque; MovieBears in San Francisco, Seattle, London, Cincinnati, Fort Lauderdale, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Phoenix and Chicago; Sacramento; and Los Angeles. If your local media has noticed the boycott, please put a link in the comments!

Find out what theatres to *avoid* by entering your ZIP code at the Cinemark website.

While this boycott is specifically organized around the "MILK" biopic, I can tell you that none of my household’s going-to-the-movies money will ever be spent at Cinemark theatres again. There are too many movie-going options in my community to ever spend any money enriching someone who donated to a campaign that tore away my civil rights.

I don’t begrudge Mr Stock his right to donate thousands of dollars to an out-of-state campaign that has no effect on him as a Utah resident — he just needs to understand that there may be economic consequences for his actions. 

Use the "No MILK for Cinemark" boycott website to find an alternative theatre in your area right here.

Boycotts work. We can do this.

Please join and make your voice heard: h8 hurts, and it hurts the h8ters’ wallets too.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge