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Not a pogrom

Using public records, antigayblacklist is making available the names and businesses of people who bankroll discrimination. Rick Moran writes:

Now these activists have taken their derangement to another level; they are publishing lists of ordinary people who donated to the "Yes on 8" coalition:


This is stupid and self defeating. Rather than trying to change their opinion, they are making these people enemies for life. And carrying out pogroms like this against people who oppose gay marriage based on their religious beliefs borders on bigotry.

There are other means of protest to make your displeasure known than targeting individuals. All the gay marriage advocates are doing is sealing their fate the next time such a measure goes before the votes.

The kind of person who contributes money to deny their fellow citizens their civil rights are not someday magically going to be part of the solution: they’re the problem. These are not people to be reasoned with; they’re ignorant, they’re haters and they’re bigots and the only thing people like that understand is power.

So when they stick their noses in other people’s affairs, they forfeit the right to be considered just another "ordinary person". They’re involved and they would be foolish to expect that those other people in whose private affairs they have meddled wouldn’t return the favor. As they say: you pays your money and you takes your chances.

You don’t get to heaven above by trampling someone else’s heaven on earth.

(Apologies for the poor grammar. I rewrote this halfway through, posted it and went to bed without rereading it. Now it belongs to the internets. Whatever.)

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