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Wing-Nut Daily: “Where are the Hate Crime Cops When You Need Them?”

Melanie Morgan, in WND’s “Hot Topics,” posts:

Protests are one thing, but the no on Proposition 8 people are crossing the line, intimidating people, forcing folks out of jobs, attacking others and threatening to burn churches. Sounds like something right out of the KKK handbook.

Oh??? Really?? You know this because you have a copy on your nightstand??

What’s next? Will these sore losers take over the Hollywood Bowl and start throwing the Christians to the lions? By the look of some of these rabid rabble-rousers, they are ready for blood. They’ve had it with conservative Jews, Christians and anybody who doesn’t approve of gay marriage.

Before I run down a list of the boorish and illegal behavior of the no on Proposition 8 crowd, let me offer an important tip. You gay-rights folks have supporters in mainstream America and among conservatives, but you’re losing it faster than I can say “bigot.” That’s right. Your behavior is bigoted, and you are committing hate crimes.

Did I miss something here??? How DARE this B$TCH evoke hate crime in this pointless pap! Melaniebabe, if it weren’t for us “gay-rights folks,” there wouldn’t BE hate crimes!!

“Boorish and illegal”???? So, I take it that the NEXT right you’ll eliminate is “Freedom of Assembly”???????

Also, why don’t we examine just what a “Hate Crime” actually IS:

Assaulting an African-American, Asian or Hispanic person on the street because of the color of his/her skin is a HATE crime.

Refusing to patronize a restaurant, theatre, hotel or other enterprise is NOT!

See the difference here? One is attacking a person for who they ARE; the other, using one’s own brain to prevent any further discrimination of ME!

If we were in Alabama… I’d get you thrown outta the UDC!!!

The scalded dawg hollers first!!

I guess it’s time for Christians, Jews and African-Americans to prepare for the lions and jackbooted leftist thugs who plan to disembowel the Constitution and anybody who votes contrary to their beliefs.

Don’t worry Melanie, your family reunion comprised of “jackbooted” RIGHTIST “thugs” can still burn their crosses in peace.

P.S. I would NEVER resort to some lame ad hominem attack by comparing her make-up to Tammy Faye!

That’s just not me.

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