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Republicans: Obama Will Ban Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity And Bill O’Reilly If Saxby Chambliss Loses The Georgia Runoff

picture-2.pngWow, the GOP has really kicked the crazy up another notch in the Martin-Chambliss Senate race.

Quoth the Whoremonger:

Those of us who want to frustrate Barack Obama’s radical agenda are one election away from political impotence.

Ted Stevens has just fallen 800 votes behind in the Alaska recount (hard to make up in a tiny state) and Norm Coleman is clinging to just a 200-vote margin in Minnesota (tiny in a huge state), with the recount not even begun.

So if we lose Alaska and Minnesota, Saxby Chambliss ’ seat in Georgia is the 60th vote to stop a filibuster. It all comes down to Georgia.

And what radical things will happen, Dick, if you lose Georgia?

With Georgia, we can do a great deal to tone down the Obama legislation. We can filibuster budget bills and demand a repeal of the Fairness Doctrine to muzzle talk radio as the price for letting them pass.

What is it with these wingnuts and their paranoid fantasies about the Fairness Doctrine, which was repealed 20 years ago? Obama hasn’t even been sworn in and already we’re seeing the return of black helicopter-type delusions from the crowd that spent the 1990s obsessing about how ClintonGore’s thuggish gubmint storm troopers were going to take away their guns. Now Obama’s going to take away their Rush.

Morris directs his mouth-breathing Newsmax readers to this PAC (see screengrab, right), warning them to fork it over for Saxby or otherwise lose their beloved Angry White Men radio forever.

Totally. Bizarre.

It’ll be fun to watch their heads explode. Support the Martin campaign.

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